Yearly Best Performances


Best Actress: Marlene Dietrich (Morocco)

Best Actor: Emil Jannings (The Blue Angel)


Best Actress: Miriam Hopkins (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

Best Actor: Boris Karloff (Frankenstein)


Best Actress: Miriam Hopkins (Trouble in Paradise)

Best Actor: Paul Muni (Scarface: Shame of a Nation)


Best Actress: Mae West (She Done Him Wrong)

Best Actor: Charles Laughton (The Private Life of Henry VIII)


Best Actress: Ruan Ling-yu (The Goddess)

Best Actor: Harry Baur (Les Misérables)

Best Supporting Actress: Rieko Yagumo (A Story of Floating Weeds)

Best Supporting Actor: Charles Laughton (The Barretts of Wimpole Street)


Best Actress: Katherine Hepburn (Alice Adams)

Best Actor: Peter Lorre (Mad Love)

Best Supporting Actress: Blanche Yurka (A Tale of Two Cities)

Best Supporting Actor: Ernest Thesiger (The Bride of Frankenstein)


Best Actress: Jean Arthur (Mr. Deeds Goes to Town)

Best Actor: Walter Huston (Dodsworth)

Best Supporting Actress: Alice Brady (My Man Godfrey)

Best Supporting Actor: Akim Tamiroff (The General Died at Dawn)


Best Actress: Irene Dunne (The Awful Truth)

Best Actor: Cary Grant (The Awful Truth)

Best Supporting Actress: Dita Parlo (Grand Illusion)

Best Supporting Actor: Douglas Fairbank, Jr. (The Prisoner of Zenda)


Best Actress: Simone Simon (La bête humaine)

Best Actor: Jean Gabin (Quai des brumes)

Best Supporting Actress: Varvara Massalitinova (The Childhood of Maxim Gorky)

Best Supporting Actor: Michel Simon (Quai des brumes)


Best Actress: Vivien Leigh (Gone with the Wind)

Best Actor: James Stewart (Mr. Smith Goes the Washington)

Best Supporting Actress: Hattie McDaniel (Gone with the Wind)

Best Supporting Actor: Robert Preston (Union Pacific)


Best Actor: Henry Fonda (The Grapes of Wrath)

Best Actress: Rosalind Russell (His Girl Friday)

Best Supporting Actor: Frank Morgan (The Shop Around the Corner)

Best Supporting Actress: Jane Darwell (The Grapes of Wrath)


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