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Come and See the Return of Movies over Matter

It’s been well over a year since I’ve written anything for this blog and I’ve missed it enormously. Some of you may have missed me as well, though I suspect more of you either forgot about me or wrote me off with a snide “good riddance” under your breath. Fair enough.

 I had to disconnect and decompress from the blogging world with the end of a long-term relationship, massive financial problems, and a crumbling PhD dissertation. Writing while worrying about paying rent was inconceivable. I didn’t even tune in to read what others were writing. All that is past though. Things are much better and the bug to write about movies has returned and, though you may not have noticed, I’ve been perusing blogs I used to follow and discovering new ones.

 This inspiration didn’t come easily. I’d thought about it off and on, but pushed it away. There’s just been too much on my plate I’ve been working on writing fiction, including a massive novel that’s humming along nicely and the idea of putting any of it aside to write for Movies over Matter wasn’t all that appealing. Or, to be more precise, was scary as hell. I don’t want to not finish writing my book because I’m stumped on an essay about Sunset Boulevard or The Seven Samurai. Besides who needs more reviews of those movies? They’ve been written about by more trenchant and articulate writers than myself.

 Oh, and the prospect of getting more hate mail because I didn’t love the current darling that everyone will forget in a couple months didn’t exactly thrill me. More on that in an upcoming post…

 But I overcame all my reservations the other day I saw for the first time Elem Klimov’s grotesque World War II odyssey Come and See. It’s one of those dozens of highly regarded movies that I’ve somehow let slip past my experience and it immediately shot up into my list of all time favorite movies. If you are familiar with the brutality and horror of Come and See it may seem odd to call it a favorite, but it’s a movie, like Kes or Pan’s Labyrinth that I saw once and, utterly moved by the experience, I thanked the gods that I never have to watch them again. Still, I consider them favorites.


But more than discovering a new favorite, I also remembered why I enjoyed writing about movies so much: I can do more than nod and tell myself I like it. I’m able to write and share and talk about movies I love, don’t understand, or just downright hate with people I came to respect. Hopefully they are still out there, eager to spar over movies. Hopefully they are still as passionate as before.

 So I will be writing, though with less design which, as the tension rose in my life, became an unbearable yoke and it’s hard to get excited about something that’s a burden. I’m not going to commit to writing three to five reviews of new movies a week (I can’t even make it to the movies that often anymore). Nor am I going to write those essays for each movie on the countdown lists. I’ll probably revive the lists, though without the detail I used in the past.

 I will be writing about the movies I love and what moves me, what upsets me, or what downright confounds me and I hope I regain some of my readers. I’m looking forward to reconnecting. It’s been too long.



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