A Brief Look at the Best of 2011

My list of the best movies I saw in 2011 is coming a little later than usual, but I missed a lot the last few months of the year and I’ve been catching up the last several months. It includes films you might expect to see, like The Tree of Life and A Separation, but I also saw fit to include some curiously overlooked films like the brilliant Meek’s Cutoff (which in time I expect to jump up one or two spots – it’s truly a classic American film) and Cold Weather. I haven’t had a chance to write up a longer piece about the list, but I wanted to post this brief list of the best of 2011.

1. The Tree of Life (d. Terrence Malick)

2. A Separation (Jodaeiye Nader az Simin, d. Asghar Farhadi)

3. Meek’s Cutoff (d. Kelly Reichardt)

4. Of Gods and Men (Des hommes et des dieux, d. Xavier Beauvois)

5. The Artist (d. Michel Hazanavicius)

6. Certified Copy (Copie conforme, d. Abbas Kiarostami)

7. 13 Assassins (Jusan-nin no shikaku, d. Takashi Miike)

8. Bridesmaids (d. Paul Feig)

9. Cold Weather (d. Aaron Katz)

10. Drive (d. Nicholas Winding Refn)



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5 responses to “A Brief Look at the Best of 2011

  1. We have the same first two!

    I’ve had copie conforme sitting, waiting to be paid attention to for a month now. Time to check it out. Neglecting Kiarostami for too long is a crime against Allah.

    I wasn’t so hot on Drive, and I really wasn’t a fan of 13 Assassins. It felt so arbitrary.

    • We have the same first two because they are both great movies!

      Yes, you need to get to Certified Copy. It’s the kind of movie that makes you want to sit and talk about it for hours afterwards. And it isn’t just a crime against Allah to neglect Kiarostami, but also against Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Shiva, Vishnu, Zeus, and Thor.

      I get your reticence about Drive and 13 Assassins. Either you connect with them or you don’t. I connected with them and found them to both be extremely fun movie experiences.

  2. As I’ve stated on numerous posts at my own place, THE ARTIST has steadily gained over the past weeks with me, to the point where it narrowly finishes #2 behind THE TREE OF LIFE on my own list. Kudos to you for choosing them both in your Top 5, and I equally applaud you for going with A SEPARATION, OF GODS AND MEN and CERTIFIED COPY, all superlative films. OF GODS AND MEN was my own #5 and A SEPARATION #6.

    I also like 13 ASSASSINS and DRIVE quite a bit.

    Very happy to see you back in print my friend. And super list!

    • I am well aware of your love for The Artist and I certainly agree that it is a wonderful film. I am also aware of your love for the other movies you mention, though I want to reiterate the worth of Cold Weather and Meek’s Cutoff, both of which are available streaming on Netflix now. If you (or anyone else reading) hasn’t seen them, I recommend checking them out.

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